Sikorsky and Romaero sign the Black Hawk helicopter partnership agreement

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Sikorsky and Romaero sign the Black Hawk helicopter partnership agreement

This new partnership offers Romania the opportunity to internationally engage in the completion and customization of the Black Hawk helicopter


BUCHAREST, Romania, March 15, 2018

Sikorsky, a Lockheed Martin company and Romaero S.A. have signed a partnership agreement for the completion and customization of Black Hawk helicopters, during a formal ceremony hosted by the Ministry of Economy in Bucharest.

The new partnership will provide a significant number of highly skilled jobs, technology education programs, research and development opportunities along with other benefits to the Romanian industry as a whole, within a economically sustainable project and socially stable program, with a duration of over 30 years.

The Black Hawk Helicopter has unique multi-mission capabilities. The helicopter is designed in such a way that it incorporates into its structure equipment that ensures easy maintenance and easy operation, being able to operate at great distance from the base in inaccessible areas without logistic support.

“Romaero has the expertise to customize Sikorsky helicopters to internationally recognized standards in order to meet a wide variety of operational needs under the toughest and most demanding conditions,” said Eric Schreiber, Vice President, Sikorsky. “These include search-rescue missions, assault, MEDEVAC, anti-tank combat, transport, special forces and support in the military operations area, as well as unique fire fighting capabilities, humanitarian support in surface combat and anti-submarine.”

Designed as a military helicopter that can be used in any area of the world, the Black Hawk helicopter can operate in adverse weather conditions and in rough terrain areas, which recommends it as the most cost-effective solution to the needs of Romania’s national defense and NATO.

“Romaero is determined to ensure the success of this effort. We believe that Romaero’s nearly 100 years of aeronautical experience, highly skilled workforce, educational infrastructure and production capabilities are an excellent starting point, making Romaero attractive to prestigious companies such as Lockheed Martin ” , said Mr. Remus Vulpescu, General Manager of Romaero, who added: “We believe Sikorsky’s proven experience in setting up production facilities outside the US guarantees the success of Romania’s transformation into the third external partner for Sikorsky helicopters.”

With more than 4,500 units produced, the Black Hawk helicopter is the most used multi-mission helicopter by the US Army and more than 20 other countries, with a use horizon exceeding 2050.

Black Hawk helicopters will be delivered for completion by Romaero from the PZL Mielec plant in southeastern Poland, Lockheed Martin’s largest production facility outside of the US. Identical in almost every aspect to the Black Hawk helicopters produced in the US, these aircraft are the only multi-mission military helicopter produced in the European Union.

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